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Article – What’s new and improved in Visio 2013 Workflow designer

Posted by Joy

Wave 14 of SharePoint and Office introduced a new capability into Visio – being able to design SharePoint workflows. Visio 2010 Premium edition was introduced with this capability and it helped Business Analysts to capture workflow process requirements easily and draw then within Visio and import them to SharePoint Designer to add the logic.

Visio 2013 introduces few new features and improvements with regard to designing SharePoint workflows and they are:

  • Modifying shape properties – in Visio 2010, we could only connect shapes with each other and change the shape description. In Visio 2013 we can change shape properties to properly describe what each shape does within the workflow.
  • Stages – just like Steps feature which was introduced in SharePoint Designer 2010 for developing workflows, Stages help grouping activities together. Apart from grouping, Stages also provide the capability to control the flow of the workflow by specifying which stage to follow after finishing the current stage. We can use “if” conditions to control the movements between stages.Stages in Visio 2013
  • No more “vwi” files – in Visio 2010, after designing the workflow, we need to save the drawing into a special file type called “vwi” – Visio Workflow Interchange in order to import it to SharePoint Designer. In Visio 2013, you don’t have to save to any special file types and you can rely on the native “vsdx” file type and still import it to SharePoint Designer.

Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Reaches RTM

Posted by Joy

Microsoft announces release of RTM version of Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013. However, availability to public will be only in mid-November.

Find more details on the release of Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 RTM from: