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Article – Tiles (Metro UI) Navigation Web Part in SharePoint 2013

Posted by Joy

Modern UI (formerly knows as Metro-style UI) was introduced with Windows 8 operating system.

I was looking at providing the same navigation for a SharePoint site and then I found out that SharePoint 2013 Team Site template already provides a feature for the same. I’m sure lot of people are not aware of this and decided to blog about it.

Following is the out-of-the-box Tiles web part we will get when we create a new site using Team Site template:

Team Site Tiles web part

This Tiles web part was introduced in SharePoint 2013 using a new list template named “Promoted Links”. Let’s make use of this new list template and create a new Tiles based navigation web part.

Task 1 – Activating the required Feature

The “Promoted Links” list templates comes with a Features called “Team Collaboration Lists”. If you are using a site created from a Team Site template, most like this Feature is already activated. In case if you don’t see this list template and if you are using a site created from other than Team Site template, perform the following steps to activate the Feature:

  • Click Settings –> Site settings
  • Select Manage site features from Site Actions section
  • Activate the Feature “Team Collaboration Lists

Team Collabotation Lists Feature

Task 2 – Create a list using Promoted Links list template
  • Click Settings –> Add an app

Site settings

  • Select Promoted Links list template

Promoted Links list template

  • Give a name and click Create. I provided “Menu” as the name of the list.
  • Click the newly created list (in my example “Menu”)
  • Click “All Promoted Links” to go to All Promoted Links view

Promoted Links list

  • Click new item to add new items to be appeared in the Tiles web part. You need to enter Title, Background Image Location, Description, Link Location and also Launch Behavior. I uploaded few images to Site Assets library beforehand and specified their location for the Background Image Location.

New promoted link item

  • I entered 04 items to the Menu list I created
Task 3 – Add Promoted Links list view web part (Tiled view) into the page
  • Navigate to the page where you want to add the Tiles web part
  • Click Edit and go to edit mode
  • Click Insert –> Web Part and select the list from the Apps category

Add web part

  • Click Add and Save the page
  • Now you can enjoy the new Modern UI (Metro Style) Tiles web part

New Tiles web part