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Article – Office Web Apps Part IV – Configuring Word Viewing Service application

We have already discussed about the OWA features and the deployment in SharePoint 2010. Word Viewing Service is one of the brand-new Service Application get deployed as a part of OWA setup and it will facilitate users to work with Office Word documents via browser.

Let’s talk more about Word Viewing Service and its’ features.

Configuring OWA Service Applications

The OWA installation adds the following 03 service applications to the list of service application in SharePoint 2010:

  • Word Viewing Service application
  • Excel Calculation Service application
  • PowerPoint Service application

Every Service Application part of OWA is implemented based on the new Service Application Model concept and have the following components to support its functionality:

  • Service application
  • Service instances
  • Service application proxies

SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard (PSConfig) and Farm Configuration Wizard will configure the above components depending on the services we have selected to consume within the farm.

Configuring Word Viewing Service

Let’s examine the default configuration for Word Viewing Service application and how we can alter them depending on the requirement.

  1. Go to SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site and select Manage service applications link from Application Management group
  2. Page will show all the Service Applications installed currently within the farm. Scroll down until you see Word Viewing Service application instance and its’ application proxy.

    Configuring Office Web Apps

    Configuring Office Web Apps

  3. Select the Word Viewing Service application name and you will be prompted with a page where you can configure settings of Word Viewing Service application.

    Configuring Office Web Apps

    Configuring Office Web Apps

  4. In case if you don’t get the page to manage the Word Viewing Service, alternatively you can select Word Viewing Service from the list of Service Applications and select Manage option from the Ribbon.

    Configuring Word Viewing Service Office Web Apps

    Configuring Word Viewing Service Office Web Apps

  5. Word Viewing Service application settings page will be displayed as follows.

    Configuring Word Viewing Service Office Web Apps

    Configuring Word Viewing Service Office Web Apps

  6. You can change the values for Word Viewing Service application as per your need and save them to take effect within your farm. You can configure what file formats are supported by Word Viewing Service, whether you want to enable or disable embedded fonts, etc…

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