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Announcement – SharePoint24x7 goes live

Today is a very special day for me. This morning my son was born and I decided to do something remarkable to remember his birth and to share my happiness.

I decided to start a new blog which helps to people specially who are interested in SharePoint and this will have lot of posts, articles and announcements related to SharePoint and targeted to SharePoint community. I want this new born blog to be the guidance for those who want to improve their SharePoint skills,make announcements related to SharePoint product and troubleshoot their SharePoint problems.

I gave birth to today and it’s very primitive and soft just like my new born son. Look at his foot. How small and soft is it?

My son's foot

My son's foot

But he will grow to be a big man over the time to face and stand in this cruel world. I wish the same for my and it will grow slowly along with my son to serve the SharePoint community better and face the competition.

If you still want to see my posts related to other technology areas, please don’t forget to visit -

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  1. Well done Joy! Congrats on your new kid. I would prefer if you can publsih some articles on SharePoint deployment considerations.

  2. All the best and hoping to see wonderful articles!! 😉 I would like to see more BDC or BCS stuff 😉

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